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Laboratories and equipment designed to work in syntropy, creating devices dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life.


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Hot Spinner

The Hot Spinner is a machine designed according to new energy technologies, which has the ability to generate a large amount of heat in a short time and with a low energy consumption.



The object of this patent is a set of electromechanical components designed to transform both pure and additivated water minerals such as potassium hydrate into its molecular components hydrogen and oxygen.


Life Mirror

Our beauty and health devices are generators of different types of resonant frequencies, specially calibrated for the well-being of human and non-human beings, in order to obtain a balanced fusion of multiple aids and compatible treatments, all in the same temporal session through resonance in the various frequencies of the beneficial biological radiant.

Hovercraft Electromagnetodynamic

Gravity is a large-scale movement of push-pull of ether and matter is made of ether that naturally vibrates at a certain frequency. You can use a pure resonance to bring an object to vibrate in perfect harmony, so it is possible to let the etheric energy flow around the object, which allows you to increase and decrease the effects of gravity on it.

Elastic metal

The logic of success in every sector of the industry is based on continuous research in a science that feverishly evolves in the field of new technologies, based on products of new generation syntropy.


From space aeronautics to terrestrial and submarine maglev systems, we work on highly sophisticated metal materials in order to enter into such technological logics.


Fdl Megatron

The technology of the "Lotus Flower Megatron imploder 2" is made of new generation machines designed to revolutionize many aspects of the industry and especially in the specific field of the almost total "recycling" of waste produced by our civilizations.


It acts, or can be complementary, in the technologies suitable for total pulverization and dehydration in addition to the complete sterilization of the treated materials.


Agriculture Bio Orgone

Orgone is the name given by Whilelm Reich - who spent the last part of his life studying the phenomenon - to the ubiquitous and all-pervading Vital Energy.

Whilelm Reich, who began his career in Austria and Germany as a psychiatrist, in close association with Sigmund Freud, contributed greatly to understanding the connection between human sexuality and psychology and never stopped opening up new frontiers of research, who were gradually opening up during his life.



SYNHABITAT Syntropic Habitat

ARCHITECTURE as harmony in nature

Building today is a worry and everything is very often reduced to a sterile choice of the "lesser worst". Our construction technology creates art, with columns, arches and shelves in different styles, creating dream corners where art and nature are complementary and always present. Philosophy of the art of realization ... or love made architectural line.

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