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In 1835, Guglielmo Diatto opens in Turin, on the banks of the Po, a carter workshop for the construction of carts and horse-drawn carriages. Thanks to the success of its technological innovations, including the patent of an ingenious "perfected wheel", in the following years it considerably expanded the activity, with the construction of omnibuses and trams (the historical documentation of the Diatto is kept at the "National Museum of the Automobile Biscaretti Ruffia ”in Turin, where a beautiful Diatto car from 1922 is also exhibited).


How a scientific idea of entropy is born ... here's my personal experience in getting to patent FDL (Lotus Flower)

Curiosity and passion are the triggering cause for giving life to a project, despite the appearance that it considers it unattainable. The first researches on the implosive theme were encouraging even though based on unacceptable themes at the time. Understanding resonance in the most varied frequencies, led my scientific visions to better understand how clusters were formed and how to use them for the purpose of a disintegration of controlled and constant matter. At the base of my studies there has been research related to the studies of Nikola Tesla, Shauberger, Keely, Reich, Rife ... from which I drew scientific news from old texts published in the early 1900s.

I scoured many libraries even before computers became widely operational and my passion in the eighties allowed me to collect very interesting texts, in my opinion, on which to base theories and design machines. The innate intuition of "feeling" when the news was reliable and connected to my implosion project allowed me to have that basic experience that would have allowed me to open myself to new formulas very different from the Einstenian logic.

Upon retiring from my work commitments in the USA, I returned to Italy, where I designed, creating it, the small village in which and near which I created the first real research labs. I hired engineers and enthusiasts at my own expense, who helped me in the first demonstration projects, which, working with precision, gave me the joy of continuing my passion ... Physics changed and was implemented just as Tesla stated.

There followed about fifteen years where I got together, and together we worked, some of the most beautiful names in space aeronautics physics and engineering such as Tomaselli, Sciabica, Guglielmi, Winter ... mosaics of great knowledge from the eighties and nineties. In this way the project has taken on ever more attractive colors and striking results in the joy of a new science initiated by the great Tesla. In my own small way I counted myself among the interesting researchers for a new technological humanity and from all this sprang numerous prototype models of machines for the new industry of the future, engineered and industrialized machines of which the abilities can be ascertained concretely. The study continues with the aim of increasingly improving our program, which is turning on and exciting other important scientific minds ...

Gian Maria Enrico Barbotto

Among the research into technologies based on quantum logics, which spread like wildfire in every direction, giving infinite surprises, our project called "Hovercraft electromagnetic dynamics emd" shines in the field of self-motivation.

Attentive to the technologies of our Master Nikola Tesla, we report the fascinating story of this unique scientist in the world for his incredible inventions and research:

“Arriving in Buffalo, they went to a small garage where they found the new Pierce-Arrow. Tesla raised the front hood and made some adjustments on the Electric Motor placed inside it; later they went to prepare Tesla's Instruments.


In the room of a hotel Tesla began to assemble his Device. In a box-shaped suitcase he had carried 12 Therermoionic Valves, which Savo described as a curious construction, although at least 3 of them were later identified as 70 L7-GT Grinding Valves. They were placed in a device contained in a box, no larger than a Shortwave Radio Receiver. Inside it was arranged the entire Electronic Circuit, including the 12 Valves, the Wirings and the Resistances. Two Terminals that came out of the "Box", seemed to be the Connections for those of the Engine.

Returning to the car, Tesla put the "Container" in a position arranged under the dashboard on the passenger side; Tesla inserted the two Connections controlling a common Voltmeter. "Now we have Energy!" He declared handing the ignition key to his grandson. On the dashboard there were additional instruments that displayed values ​​that Tesla did not explain. "The Engine has started ..." Tesla said. Savo did not hear any noise, however he selected a gear, pressed on the accelerator and took the car out.

That day Savo guided this Vehicle (without Fuel) for a long time; for about 80 Kilometers around the Buffalo countryside, reaching a speed of 145 km per hour, always maintaining the same level of silence as the engine. As he walked the country roads, Tesla became more and more relaxed and confident about his invention, he began to trust his grandson with some of his secrets. That Device could power the Vehicle Energy demands forever! But it could even meet the needs of a home, and with Energy in surplus!

Although initially reluctant to explain the operating principles, Tesla told his grandson that his device was simply a "Receiver" for a mysterious Radiation that came from the "Ether", which was available in unlimited quantities. "Humankind should be very grateful for His presence!" Tesla whispered under his breath.

"Il Testudo" continued for another 8 days, and Savo was able to verify that Tesla's "Power Supply" car had nothing to envy of the "Standard" Automobile with the 6000 c.c. of displacement and 125 horsepower. Tesla also told Savo that soon the Energy Receiver would be used for the Propulsion of Trains, Vessels and Aircraft. At the end of the trial, the inventor and his driver, delivered the Automobile to a secret location previously agreed (an old barn of a farm 30 km from Buffalo). They left the car on the spot, but Tesla took his Receiver Device and the ignition key with him.

Subsequently Petar Savo collected some indiscretions according to which a secretary of the Pierce-Arrow, who had spoken of the secret proofs, was subsequently fired; this would explain an inaccurate report on the experiments, which appeared on several newspapers.

When, following the leakage of rumors about the Experimentation of the Etheric Automobile, they asked Tesla where the Energy came from, given the obvious absence of Batteries, he replied calmly: "From the Ether all around us!" Some suggested that Tesla was crazy, or, in some way, connected to the Sinister Occult Forces. Tesla, on the other hand, return with his mysterious Box to his New York Laboratory.

Meanwhile the Pierce-Arrow Company, which had already reached the peak of its success in 1930, was in decline in 1931. In 1932, the company lost 3 million dollars. In 1933, there were administrative problems even in the company Madre Studebacker, which faltered on the verge of liquidation. Interest shifted from innovation to pure survival.

About a month after the events of the Buffalo campaigns, Petar Savo received a call from Lee Deforest, a friend of Tesla and a pioneer in the development of the Thermoionic Valves, thus becoming aware of the success of the test, and declaring that Tesla was the largest Living Scientist.

Later, Savo asked his uncle about the further development of the Energy Receiver in other applications; Tesla replied that he was in contact with one of the main boatyards, to build a ship with a device similar to the Pierce-Arrow car. There are no official documents reporting an experiment of this type. However, the New York Daily News of April 2, 1934, reported an article entitled "Tesla's Dream of a Wireless Energy Near Reality", and described "a Experiment programmed to propel a car using Wireless Energy Transmission electrical ". Of course, there was no mention or mention of the Ether or Free Energy.

Later, it is said that the Westinghouse Corporation, perhaps to buy Tesla's silence on the whole issue, placed the Scientist at the New Yorker, New York's newest and most luxurious hotel, where the elder scientist lived for free for the rest of his life. He was later recruited (again by Westinghouse) for unspecified research on wireless transmissions, and in parallel he interrupted his statements about the Cosmic Rays ... "


Following experiments in our labs on antigravity systems, using hydrodynamic systems instead of air cushions, we found that what Tesla said can be applied physically to this ambitious project ...

Instead of a car with wheels, which can be easily stopped in many off-road situations, on ice above the water, in swampy terrain and more, this vehicle is able to overcome every difficulty, even turning into a fast speedboat in the eventuality. The engines are electric and the propulsive energy can have different sources, each of which is absolutely eco-sustainable and therefore non-polluting…. electro-gravity propulsion.

Coandă, taking advantage of this logic, designed the Aerodina Lenticolare, a sort of forerunner of the hovercraft ...


There are already also other experiences magnetic levitation, or sound, as you can see and understand from these videos:

With sound, for example, it is possible to lift spheres, composed of three metals, with a single note ... John Ernst Worrell Keely towards the end of the 800 demonstrated this energy using a large copper sphere of thirty centimeters in diameter, blocked by a vertical support, with a series of metal plates and resonant tubes inside ... The mass agreement on the first octave produces 42,800 vibrations per second sufficient to guarantee its functioning. We with these resonances have devised the disintegrators we are using in the mining industry.


The super strings, according to which the multiverse is the manifestation of vibratory energy, are part of the infinite hours we dedicate to these studies that in the future will allow new applications in every sector of the conquest of dimensional spaces ...

From the analysis of the matter it emerges that this is a set of vibrations contained in its atomic structure. The molecules are composed of atoms, these from leptons, from fermions, from photons, from quarks and finally from mesons. So at the base there is a "substance" formed by fine particles that have a frequency, that is they vibrate and are transformed into matter.

In space there is an infinite quantity of atoms, the basis of all matter, in a condition of constant vibratory motion, infinite in the limit, immutable in quantity, beginning of all forms of energy ... This oscillation or resonance occurs in cycles of exact time and can be measured, controlled and according to the experiments carried out used in our laboratory logics.

Gianmaria Barbotto

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