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What is the HHO?

The HHO is a machine composed of a set of electromechanical components designed to transform both pure water and additives of mineral salts such as potassium hydrate, into its molecular components hydrogen and oxygen.


Where are we at?

This system was designed and patented by the great Nikola Tesla, and after him by dozens of other people, who have tried to copy modifying small variations, but very few have reached at least an acceptable level. The substantial difference of my patent with respect to all the others is given by the elaboration system of the subsequent stages of atomic-molecular water treatment through hydrodynamic, sound, electric and laser pulses, each of which allows this system to be patented, to keep the cell "cold" and to feed it with low amperage.


What, and to whom, does the syntropic gas produced by the HHO serve?

The HHO represents a great technological step towards the future, applicable in a myriad of industrial dimensions. This technology, combined with those owned by the LBD, will be the bases of great successes in the industry of the whole planet.

Some of the main applications for which this product has proven to be highly effective and efficient are:

- Land, sea and air transport (as fuel)
- Brazing and welding
- Cutting with the torch
- Flame polishing
- Glass manufacturing
- In jewelery (to make precious stones)
- Heating and cooking (as a flammable gas)
- Anti-corrosion (the gas acts as an inhibitor)
- Mining extraction
- The treatment of semiconductors and printed circuits
- Waste treatment (incineration without pollution)
- Chemical or radioactive depollution
- Sea water desalination at very low costs
- Improvement of grain germination
- The growth of the cultivated plants and the increase of the nutritional qualities of the irrigation commodity with the water treated with this gas.
- Skin care, or against rheumatism, for external rehydration by projecting gas (Life Mirror)
- The construction of buildings, since it allows to weld together very different materials such as brick, iron, aluminum, glass, etc., as well as their treatment to obtain smooth, waterproof and easy to maintain surfaces

This type of gas also allows all types of welds, those that require the highest temperatures, such as those that require the lowest temperatures, since the gas adapts to the melting temperatures of each material.

In addition to this, it has been shown to increase the performance of precious metals in refining processes and alter the levels of radioactive isotopes. During some experiments the radioactivity of a piece of Americanum 241 was reduced by 96% (from 16,000 curies to only 100), that of the Cobalt 60 by 70% ... in my opinion this technology is the most suitable means for eliminating the dangerous , and increasingly present, nuclear waste.


How does it work?

To understand the operation of the HHO it is necessary to analyze the most extraordinary compound of the universe: water.

The hydrogen atoms of which water is composed, subjected to an electrolytic phenomenon, tend to charge with the positive sign, while the oxygen atoms tend to charge with the negative sign, losing their normal state of equilibrium. Immersing in a container capacitors generated by concentric tubes or by sequential sheets separated by insulators, pulsing them with direct current with a specific correlated and proportional wavelength in a logic functional to the spaces between the stainless steel sheets, they generate polarity attracted by the sign opposite, entering into resonance, thus catalyzing a dissociation from the other water molecules.


The water molecule is formed by the covalent bond of two hydrogen atoms with an oxygen atom. To complete its external conformation, oxygen needs two electrons, which is obtained by sharing an electron with each of the two hydrogen atoms. These bind to the oxygen atom to form a triangular structure and this shape is important because it is the basis for many of the solutions and compounds that support life.

These covalent bonds are polar bonds, since the shared electrons are attracted more strongly (or rather they spend more time with) from the oxygen nuclei than from the hydrogen nuclei. This creates a small negative charge in the area of ​​water molecules near the oxygen nuclei and a small positive charge near the two hydrogen nuclei. The clusters are formed because the positive charge of the hydrogen atoms of a water molecule is attracted by the negative charge of the oxygen of another water molecule. It is well known that these hydrogen bonds play important roles in many biological components and are essential for maintaining the shape of large molecules such as proteins and nucleic acids. The shape of a molecule is as important as its composition.

Cluster technology is opening up a whole new scenario in materials science. Iron for example absorbs hydrogen 1000 times faster in clusters of 10 atoms than it does in clusters of 17 atoms.

The forms of electronic bonds influenced by the shape of the clusters modify the behavior or properties of liquid solids and also gases. When electrons are shared by the whole cluster in a delocalized scheme, negative charges are evenly distributed and the cluster can take certain aspects of the solid metal such as conductivity. When electrons are fixedly bound to atoms, clusters resemble discrete molecules.

The discovery that small changes in cluster size can produce large differences in their behavior reinforces the theory that clusters represent a distinct phase of matter.


The water molecule is made up of atoms (oxygen and hydrogen) which possess a different sympathy (electronegativity) for the electrons: the oxygen atom attracts electrons strongly, acquiring a fraction of negative charge; the two hydrogen atoms, less electronegative than oxygen, maintain a fraction of positive charge. The water molecule, due to these fractions of electric charge and its geometry, is therefore a polarized molecule.


When a polarized molecule is immersed in an electric field it orients itself by exposing its negative terminal towards the "+" pole, while the positive terminal points towards the "-" pole.


If the electric field is repeatedly inverted, the water molecule is forced to reposition itself at every reversal of the field.


In microwave ovens the frequency of 2450 MHZ is applied. At the frequency of 2450 MHZ the water molecule reverses its position 2450 million times in a second, without a pause; at a higher frequency the rotation of the molecule would be interrupted before completing the 180 ° arc; for lower frequencies, the water molecule would be able to rest between one rotation and another.

At the frequency of 2450 MHz therefore all the radiant energy of the furnace is transferred to the water molecules and for this reason this frequency is called resonance frequency.

In food there are other polarized molecules that are set in motion (and therefore heated) by microwaves, but, having a resonance frequency different from that of water, their heating will be achieved with a yield of less than 100%.

The first phase of treatment of the cell concerns ultrasonic sound radiation with a range of frequencies whose value is covered by my trade secret, however placed 42 octaves above the C tone (C = 256 Hz)

The second phase acts on pulsed electric waves in wave trains

The third phase maintains pulsed intervals of laser light, which adds spin to the vortices, further catalyzing the water in the cell to produce more oxyhydrogen.

The water treatment phases in order to generate oxyhydrogen, have followed the scientific logic related to the "reality of the strings", which gives a particular and more advanced idea of the behavior of the matter-energy, evaluating it in its most extreme conditions, optimal source of large-scale energy resources.

A vacuum contained in a Faraday cage, brought to a temperature of minus 273 degrees (absolute zero), to which all matter should stop vibrating and producing heat, has proved that, instead of finding an absence of energy, yes verifies a tremendous increase of the same, moreover from a non-electromagnetic source!

By applying the logic of geometric clusters through resonant frequencies, we are able to make the water of the HHO cell behave in the desired way. From this logic the reason for treating the cell with various phases. This logic has not been applied to the anteriority of the HHO cells.

String science realizes in geometry the very fundamental characteristic of vibration: in it there is matter and life. Pythagoras considered "Geometry as frozen music".

There are myriads of octaves of etheric densities in the Universe, and each of them possesses logic of color, sound and geometries that vary according to the frequency generated by the dimensional sets. The matter behaves like a sponge immersed in the water that vibrates, with the fluid energy that flows continuously in and out with a pulsating motion. When the matter is massed together in a single structure, the shape of that structure will determine how the etheric "currents" will flow through it. Each cylindrical or conical object harnesses and focuses on torsion fields. There are always torsion fields that emerge from the Earth in spirals, and the shape of the cone can direct and focus these fields.

The shape of our cell for HHO follows these fundamental principles, creating the resonant HHO cell in a cell that follows the Fibonacci harmonics and the geometric shapes of the container are a logical consequence. Ultimately, all physical reality is nothing but conscious vibrating energy, so each density has the illusion of existing only at one level in this energy system. In fact, all densities are interpenetrable, higher density vibrations exert measurable pressures in space and time and all of this forms the basis of the Global Grid.

The logic adopted for pulsed resonances in the HHO cell.

Matter can be penetrated and modified by vibrations, at particular frequencies, since it is itself vibration. Small units of vibrations with their frequencies determine the diversity of matter (strings). The vibration frequency is conditioned by the omnidimensionality. Strings are "space and time", because without their texture they would not exist. Matter is a transitional holographic manifestation of energy, which is "life".

Using the low-frequency pulse as well as a ¼-wavelength ray causes a more intense electromagnetic shock wave that excites the water atoms, creating a secondary shock wave, which collapses implodes increasing the energy as well as lowering the temperature with its typical logic of syntropy.

The spherical toroidal vortices that make up the matter and the binding energy that keeps them together to form molecules all have a typical resonance frequency. If we attach to this frequency we can destabilize them by making them emit more energy than they absorb from the scalar field (the vortices implode and we therefore have the transformation of matter into ether) and we can also break molecular bonds by transforming the bond energy into the form of ether in plasma, a phenomenon that occurs in HHO pulsed electrolytic cells at resonance frequency and in the luminescence.

Thanks to the involvement of ether collapse it is plausible to apply the "bulb" in HHO appliances like our cell, pulsed at the resonance frequency of the water. It would be enough to use the resonance frequency of the water and a very powerful radiant circuit would not be necessary.

Bands of the electromagnetic spectrum:


It is known that if the mass (energy) of the photon grows, the length of its wave decreases.

Diagram of the toroidal model of the electron


The kinetic rotation             frequency of the toroid is equal to


If we replace the data obtained in the formula, we will discover the value of the potential energy           of the electron


The full electron energy is equal to                  eV. When the hundredth element is formed, the electron uses 136000 eV of its full energy to establish the connection with its core. Electronic rotation is another important feature. It is equal to Planck's constant and is a vector quantity


Scheme of the hydrogen atom model


Diagram of the hydrogen H2 molecule: a) - orthohydrogen, b) - parahydrogen

The implosion obtained by this "electrodynamic precipitation ether" pathway is generated mainly as a function of the appropriate applied frequencies. These resonance frequencies allow the ether to interact also in function of thermal shocks that transform in each collapse, both energies of the liquid, and energies of the external ether. These resulting energies decay in infrared wave frequencies. Thus each KWh / h turns into 10 kWh / h.

The gas in the bubbles that implode reach enormous temperatures, which can be evaluated according to the energy introduced, from 25,000 degrees Celsius to 15,000,000 degrees, in around 100 Pico seconds. The oscillation is at a frequency of 20 Khz., The ultraviolet flash light springs from the collapse of the bubbles with an implosive reaction pulsating luminescent pulsing every 400 Pico seconds. This collapse produces waves with velocities 4 times higher than the sound wall.

By increasing the powers involved, temperatures suitable for hydrogen fusion can be reached by measuring temperatures directly from electron velocities (they increase with temperature). They are normal speeds of about 6 Km per second with 50 Pico seconds UV flash.

Assuming that each bubble implodes in 1 / 100,000 of its original volume (size), the energy and atoms in the bubble are concentrated in a very small point.

Using pulsed ultrasounds at specific frequencies, a phenomenon is generated that generates a flash that occurs as millions of atoms simultaneously release this concentrated energy and emit photons of blue light. Thus, we can see that if we were producing energy trillions of times higher than that which exists in sound waves in this experiment, then a huge amount of energy comes from the "nothing". This is typically seen as a fusion reaction.

By concentrating sound waves in a rational way, we can open a "gate" to the high pressure etheric "fluid" that will flow into our physical reality, forming light, heat and energy. Use for the phenomenon that once was considered as a simple "electrolysis" the shape of the sphere is very important as this shape helps to concentrate the resonant vibrations.

For the improvement of the implosive gas the studies must carry out reactions on the possible mixtures of the hydrogen and oxygen isotopes: 3 hydrogen isotopes (1H1, 1H2, 1H3) and 6 oxygen isotopes (8O14, 8O15, 8O16, 8O17, 8O18, 8O19 ), which makes a total of 36 types of water.

1 kWh of electricity produces 340 liters of gas; 1 liter of water expands up to 1860 liters of gas; equally the reverse is applied very well. During combustion, in gas implodes, and this gives 1859 units of vacuum with a unit of water for a minimum cost of about € 0.71.

To get the implosion requires a high frequency spark of 9000 volts or more. On the other hand it only implodes due to electric ignition, and since there is no explosion, there is no dispersion of heat. Furthermore, it should be noted that the implosion is creative, while the explosion is destructive. This is the creative principle of the universe.

In nature, the vortex where the centripetal movement manifests, the same of implosion, is favorable to life. The vortex is moreover a source of energy just intuited. At the level of terrestrial magnetism, the centrifugal movement takes place at the equator, and the centripetal movement towards the poles. The magnetic vortex that is created favors to a certain extent the formation of ice, being the centripetal movement of the refrigerating vortex, something that a very simple experiment can demonstrate.

Gian Maria Enrico Barbotto

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