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Laboratories and equipment designed to work in syntropy, creating devices dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life.

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Orgone is the name given by Whilelm Reich - who spent the latter part of his life to the study of the phenomenon - the ever-present and all-pervading Vital Energy.


Whilelm Reich, who began his career in Austria and Germany as a doctor , psychiatrist, in close association with Sigmund Freud , has contributed greatly to the understanding of the link between human sexuality and psychology and he never ceased to open up new frontiers of research , which were as to be open during its life.


However, Reich was not the first nor the last to observe the workings of what seemed to be a "living energy" or "force anti-entropy". Our research centre is dedicated fully to the experimentation and study of orgone energy and how to strengthen it in favour of the life of the planet.

When the orgone energy is blocked ,it becomes orgone deadly or DOR. In fact, our planet, the environment we have held threatened in the course of the last centuries is no more than a mirror of our collective psyche disturbed and unbalanced, the same principle is observed in the environment.

Where the atmosphere has the consistency of stagnant, oppressive, or "dead", and whenever you can observe the particular "grayness" in the cloudy formations, this indicates that you are experiencing a very high concentration and not healthy of DOR. Our group of researchers has experimented with multiple solutions in order to transform the energy DOR into OR.

The addition of quartz crystals as "amplifiers", in particular pulsed machines, allow to project the OR energy with a much wider and more intense radius, which allows Nature to rejoice in it in a special way. Our innovations are decisive as our devices functioned even in the presence of strong concentrations of DOR, transmuting this extremely harmful energy into beneficial and nutritious energy for life.

We have even demonstrated the ability to generate much more OR in the presence of negative radiation such as high voltage power lines and microwave transmitters such as (fake) cellular repeaters, which are known to generate huge amounts of DOR ... .. a result that has filled us with great pride.

We keep the orgone OR active and amplify the frequencies, with a suction turbine capable of maintaining the vital energy of the water at the highest energy levels.

"Anything that seems to be at rest depends on violent motions to make you believe that you are in a state of rest."

So this apparent immobility that surrounds us is an invisible sea of titanic movements, where by unbalancing this rest and balance, we would have unlimited powers at our disposal to improve the planet. Master art is balance. Our multiverse is consummate art, because it is of balanced simplicity ...

The Orgone force, an expanding dual vortex and pulsating contraction. All manifestations of energies seek a resting point, and return to a state of rest. Every living being emits and receives radiation, every existing reality is frequency and the resonance generates the orgonic dimensions that we polarize for the sake of life on the planet.

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