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Gian Maria Barbotto

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Who is Gian Maria Barbotto?

Milanese by birth and mother, Piedmontese by father, Gian Maria Barbotto studied in Italy and abroad, also operating as an aeronautical pilot in various parts of Africa, the Mascarene Islands, Madagascar and the United States.

He left Italy at the end of the 70s to return to the end of the first decade after 2000, even if not definitively.

As an architect, his vocation for design and art, for "building beautiful things" sees him as a timeless interpreter of his thoughts in a first period of experience, even of little success, and then firmly rooted in his works and more creations beautiful in various continents such as: Africa USA, Latin America, Southern Europe. He personally builds many of his works by personally working on his construction sites, sculpting stone, coral, creating colored mortars in the same "ancient manner of oxides and art" ..., creating villas of remarkable beauty and prestige in various noble locations of the globe.

In New York, he knows the principles he works for and in Las Vegas, he meets his great friend for life Oran Andersen Barns, an Indian Cherokee, with whom they form a small but solid company; with Barney Gian he works for many of the cities in the United States. In Las Vegas he marries Rosalba, for whom he will build the most significant works of his life.

From the United States it assimilates Hi-Tech construction technologies, which will be perfected in India and Srilanka. He considers himself "an artist, who knows the science of building healthy and with harmony, respecting Nature" ..., he does not aspire to money, but to "tranquility with his family of herbs and animals". In fact, he has a great passion for nature and for his animal friends, to whom he dedicates many energies together with his partner.

​His works stand out quickly and simply, despite the possible different styles, for the harmony, which knows how to give those unexpected and intense emotions; his special lighting and the technologies he uses make the night environments "special and full of fairytale flavors" ..., and he loves Gaudi, God's architect!

Gian Maria closes his intense and continuous work as an architect and as a pilot at the end of 2008, retiring with his wife Rosalba and his animals, to start a new adventure in the search for alternative non-polluting energy and working on his inventions and his patents relative to the habitat and to the defense of nature that loves immeasurably.

The events, which brutally involve the planet in the brutal mistreatment against nature, often make it perplexing and disorientate the positive sensibility of Gian Maria, due to the facts and the values ​​they daily trample on. Nevertheless, his eclecticism and multifaceted sensitivity suspended between art and science, will humbly see him as the protagonist of his creations, both those made in the scientific field as a researcher and those that see him as a passionate writer of books for the near future ... , works all aimed at transmitting the joy of life, lavish in communicating experiences to "others" with new and infinite emotions that, in Creation, everyone is able to discover every day.

Timeless optimist, he is convinced that man will succeed in breaking the chains and deadly traps of power, which bind him to violence and brutality ... thus discovering the deceptions of history in which everyone believed and allowing human beings to enter into a new era, free to love with completely different principles from what we today call "civilization".

The books of Gian Maria Barbotto

The leading story of all my books, whatever their title may be, is the awareness of the potential of love for living creatures. Love, the only key that allows the passage to the true quality of life, whatever its "vibratory" dimensionality may be.

A constructive architecture, obtained with the harmony of the pleasure of doing it and taking into account a holistic view of the whole, will be very different from that performed only with the dry strength of reason alone with the sole purpose of mere gain.

Love, a universal key for both animals and all living creatures, and respect for nature and its enormous potential, are factors that, if well measured and distributed with intelligence and wisdom, constitute the unique values ​​that lead to knowledge and to freedom ... respect for the dignity of all that surrounds us.

Life's adventures can lead to blind, inevitable roads for everyone: getting out of it with dignity and restorative force of all human errors, is part of the wisdom of life. Science and conscience must go hand in hand in a fair and honest policy ..., and the awareness of our past, which is very different from what is written for convenience on the history books by the winners of that historical moment: "where we come from" and above all "who we are" are the topics covered in my writings. And then the different dimensions existing in space-time, and the relativistic union between micro and macro cosmos, the food chain of the planet and out of the planet: the cruelties perpetrated against animals, men and the nature that hosts us and which we are a part of. And the cruelties of men against themselves with their dirty policies clinging exclusively to "their power", and those perpetrated by other Beings against men: evil beings, who need our evil energies to feed on them ...

As a contrast, in a universe of "inevitable conflicts", there are "good divine Beings", which from the roots of the times follow our steps ... There are the Creators of evil and good ones ... of this I speak, and also of the succession of emotions and of historical and technological discoveries, with models of the universes, which follow one another as the horizons increase and range in ever new truths, in which we live even infradimensionally to evolve, and not only!

These books were written in complete freedom and without thinking of criticism, they were written with feeling, with sincerity and love for those who know how to draw the right emotions. Downloading them from your computer to read them means living my discoveries, adventures and efforts with me. In exchange, as a form of gratitude, I ask you to buy, a bit of food for a stray and needy dog, for a kitten or any animal that needs help or needs it because it is hungry; and that this exchange takes place to the extent of your possibilities and in the way you consider most appropriate because it is right. Or granting attention to any animal creature asking for understanding or pity, giving charity to a poor and needy man, who really deserves it, or a smile to a child or an old man, if you understand that he needs it, and also to yourself, trying to "love you more ... and in the right way".

Gian Maria Barbotto



The topics covered in the book are philosophical, archaeological, clipeology, astronomy and the history of religions. Topics related to "form waves, pyramids, astronomy are also discussed. I propose my "model of the universe" and draw conclusions concerning the long journey of man on the planet and in the bosom of his illusory universe. In the many journeys that both as an aviation pilot and as an architect have brought me to the most different corners of the earth, I have seen in the traditions, in the legends, in the myths that accompany humanity in its historical moments, hidden truths. Megalithic monuments, galleries melted in the basalt have claimed to my conscience the desire and the thirst of knowing more ... All that I have learned in an intense life of job, is synthesized in this my book, and ... the adventure keep it going. In my "little great Universe" I am continuing to broaden my horizons in knowledge that is dispersed in the immensity of knowledge, in which we are only at the beginning ...


In this book, as in my previous writings, I consider the history of men known, created, modified, dominated by the "Elohim" translatable as "those who came from heaven". I call them "Gods Creators" of genetic manipulations, which have mixed various races originating from other Earth-like worlds, on which to evolve continually to change and mix, coexisting and selecting themselves even brutally. The Elohim made them in their own image and likeness, as they too of different races cooperating in the same confederation. From the dawning of humanity, they have followed and continue to follow our evolutionary colonization feats, the one that we have always mistakenly considered "our world". Like all intelligent living beings of the cosmos, such gods are distinguished as good and bad by the universal logic of opposition! Often therefore, I call the good Gods with the name of "Gardeners of the Universe", who despite being very close to God, who is unique in the whole cosmos as the positive creative synthesis of every living event, cannot however be compared to Him, if not because of the same principles of love.




In the Apocalypse of John the conception of history is tragic but with a happy ending. The first catastrophic war is being waged on the land by followers of the "King of Kings" who are tearing apart the "monster" and the "false prophet" who did wonders to deceive the masses. The "monster" has the political-military power, the "false prophet" the ideological and mediatic power. Their hosts worship the statue of the "monster" and have been marked with its mark as slaves.

In the 900 pages of this book I will talk about the 4 knights of the apocalypse, the concept of the fourth dimension, the harmony of nature, of the great scientists and their discoveries, of Nikola Tesla, of Haarp and of the Climatic War, of direct energy weapons , of Mileva Maric, wife of Albert Einstein, of the manipulation of space time, of invisibility, of antigravity, of the Philadelphia experiment, of the "Go Blank", of the US Navy and of the Eldridge, of Carlos Miguel Allende, of the teleportation, of how to manipulate time, of energy and zero-point field and other 300 and more intriguing stories that will capture the most curious minds with the fascination of science.



The primitives lived with beings of highly evolved cosmic origin, who taught them the philosophy of science, of knowledge: ..... "they were the Gods", some of them spiritually elected, others with ferocious and cruel characteristics. Not corrupted by lust and power, the good gods taught arts and love of life in every most intimate essence. With simplicity their teaching was directed to the conquest on our part of many virtues and to the teaching that these virtues would disappear when the lust for power and wealth had taken over and pervaded the hearts of men.

The onset of selfishness for the conquest of temporal powers thus begins the decadence of the ancient values ​​and of that spirituality of which, as thirsty travelers, we suffer the lack even today. Quenching our thirst at the source of philosophies does not satisfy our thirst: the sciences teach us "the how", but not "the why" we must compare our self to the source of "truth", hidden deep in our innermost roots. This book suggests "why", questioning the history of men as it has been proposed and taught so far, that is, to protect the interests of others or perhaps because they did not mature the knowledge of the truth; or perhaps again, to deliberately keep us in the darkness of ignorance so that we could reach the light only with sacrifice.

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