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Laboratories and equipment designed to work in syntropy, creating devices dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life.

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ecology & well-being for all

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What We Do With Love

Our research group consisting of researchers from national and international high-profile professionals, is really excited to start a collaboration, scientific and commercial, with financial and industrial groups interested in the new scientific accomplishments relating to the science of tomorrow, for a better future for all of us and for the planet.

Let's save the seas


The Pacific Trash Vortex, also known as the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, is one of the huge accumulations of the ocean of trash floating compounds (especially plastic), and is located in the Pacific Ocean, approximately between 135º and 155º meridian West, and between 35º and 42º Northern parallel.
Together with the "North Atlantic garbage patch", located in the Atlantic Ocean, and the other 5 stacks of "minor" this heap of garbage has an extension of more than 16 million sq km, which is almost equal to the area of Russia, or that China and the US put together, and contains over 600 million tonnes of debris, a figure that grows to 50 kg. the second, which is ~ 4.300 Tm per day.

We have a project to resolve this dramatic problem:

project edipO 2019 | 2020 | 2021 and beyond





The issue of landfills has assumed global dimension, because the world is treated in a way that is not effective, and not because there is no capacity or will to do it, but because the rhythms of the production of the different types of waste to increase at an astounding rate.

Just think of the only one huge amount of tires circulating in the planet to realize everything, every second, everywhere, becomes a waste, from the plastic to the car, passing through household appliances, computers, furniture and all those items that now invade more and more heavily on our planet, not to mention the waste materials, organic contaminants etc

We have a project to solve this gigantic problem:

fdl megatron a solution for everything

Health & wellness


Health has become an increasingly valuable asset, especially when the quality of our life is changed by a style of agriculture to a industrial style.

Contaminants, GMOS, environmental pollution, lack of contact with the frequencies of the planet, lack of exercise, stress arising from the fact of living in a society that is tremendously fast-paced and competitive, making our body not able to detoxify effectively eliminating every night, the toxins accumulated during the day, and we all know that after a certain age, the disease is considered a common and unavoidable.

We have a project to solve this immense problem.

Life mirror your health Is frequency


Research & development

The r. and the s. (R&d) can be defined as the complex of creative activities undertaken systematically to increase knowledge (including those related to man, culture and society), and the use of knowledge for new applications. The definition is that adopted in the Manual on the measurement of scientific and technical activities - Frascati Manual, prepared by the OECD, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Us since the first day of the beginning of our activity we have devoted our time and our skills to this very important sector of science and culture from which are born our most beautiful inventions.

We will not rest, and even we'll increase this activity because:

research Is a passion , development Is love






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